Formed in 1964, the BCDHA represents over 3800 member dental hygienists across the province. The BCDHA is dedicated to the principle that all British Columbians should have access to the quality preventative oral health services dental hygienists provide. BCDHA collaborates with government, the provincial dental hygiene regulatory body and clients to effectively serve members and the public.

Dental hygienists who are members of the BCDHA enjoy a range of member benefits and services, including continuing education, advocacy, promotion of the profession, support services, and information on employment issues and guidelines.

Our Mission:

BCDHA exists so that owners are actively engaged and value their professional association.*

Our Goals (Ends):
Our mission is further interpreted in these subsequent Ends levels, in order of priority, as:

2.1 All members** are actively engaged as owners.

2.1.1 They have relevant opportunities to develop professionally.
2.1.2 They have a safe and healthy work environment.
2.1.3 They feel connected to their professional community.

2.2 The public recognizes dental hygienists as primary care providers.

2.2.1 The public is knowledgeable about dental hygienists and their unique contributions.
2.2.2 The public has access to dental hygiene care without barriers.

2.3 The profession continues to advance.

2.3.1 It actively supports the advancement of dental hygiene education.
2.3.2 It supports a diversity of careers within the profession.
2.3.3 It supports research to contribute to the dental hygiene body of knowledge.
2.3.4 It is a catalyst for growth and innovation.

2.4 Policy makers recognize dental hygienists as primary health care providers.

2.4.1 Policy makers will recognize dental hygienists as integral to the health care system.
2.4.2 Policy makers include dental hygienists in developing and implementing healthy public policy.

*…for a reasonable return on the investment of our resources
** includes current, student, retired and non-practicing