BCDHA is aware that many dental hygienists are concerned about the recommendations proposed by government in Modernizing the provincial health profession regulatory framework: A paper for consultation. As your association, our intent is to provide a reasonable response to these recommendations by the January 10 deadline. We encourage ALL dental hygienists to read the report and visit https://engage.gov.bc.ca/healthprofessionregulation/ in order to provide your own assessment, ideas, and comments.

BCDHA met with government on December 18 to discuss the changes and gather more information. Although we may have additional commentary prior to submitting our response on January 10th, the key considerations for BCDHA are:

  • Would joining one oral health college be a benefit or detriment to the dental hygiene profession?
  • Government has indicated that it is NOT an option to remain a ‘solo-college’ and, the BCDHA board continues to discuss the pros and cons of joining the proposed Oral Health College or one of the others. Ultimately, the decision is up to government and the regulators, but BCDHA is committed to bringing forward the voice of dental hygiene with the intent of influencing the best possible outcomes.
  • If amalgamation occurs, will government assure us that planning, governance and programs will be equitable and not favour one oral health profession over another?
  • CDHBC is a strong, competent and successful regulatory college. We believe there is ample reason to suggest our college, the CDHBC, should be given the opportunity to lead the amalgamation process.
  • The timing for this is extremely tight, and this is adding to the anxiety of health professionals. BCDHA would like government to reflect on the timelines and ensure they are manageable for those impacted and not simply to serve a political agenda.

BCDHA is working with NNPBC (Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of BC) to lead a meeting of all provincial health professional associations on January 7. We believe with policy changes such as this on the horizon, it is time for all health professions to begin to collaborate and provide cohesive responses and advice to government on these changes. The regulatory colleges have responsibility for public safety, and they work together in collaboration. It is time for the professional associations, who speak for the professions and all members, to raise our collaborate voices!

If you have thoughts that you would like the BCDHA to consider, please submit them no later than January 6, 2020 to info@bcdha.com. We also strongly recommend that all dental hygienists read the report and respond to the online survey. Make your voice heard!

Important dates for BCDHA Members!

January 10, 2020 – Regulating Health Professions – Consultation

February 7, 2020 – CDHBC Proposed Bylaw changes – Consultation

Consultation on expanded CDHBC Practice Standards


Please remember that until these regulation changes are signed and made official, you must continue to practice within the existing 365-day rule and other current regulations.