Serving the community and the profession with empathy and grace

empathyThree things are very clear when speaking with Florence Osubronie; she is devoted to her job, she is very proud of the clinic that she works at, and she has such a strong degree of empathy for her patients that it allows her to connect with them in profound ways. Because the clinic is located in a hospital, a wide variety of patients in varying degrees of need are seen by an extended team of health care providers.

She began her career in private practice. However, having found herself with a new opportunity Florence completed the Residential Care Program at the University of Washington, School of Dentistry. “I learn something new every day not only from our patients, but by working with a variety of other health care professionals. The clinic has an excellent teaching/mentoring program whereby General Practice Residency (GPR) students have a unique opportunity to engage in supervised, hands-on learning with other departments and specialists.”

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Innovation in Education at Vancouver Community College

The Dental Hygiene Program at Vancouver Community College (VCC) recently implemented an exciting new learning opportunity for its third year students.  The program is an integrated, guided independent study of “self-directed projects” that came about because instructors at VCC, using the Canadian Dental Hygiene Association (CDHA) competencies as a framework, recognized that there were areas of dental hygiene instruction and practice that were lacking and therefore required greater development. The identified areas were political action, oral health policy development, grant writing, professional advocacy and entrepreneurship.

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