My a-ha moment

This story is written by an actual patient who had his life saved by a dental hygienist.  He preferred that his name be withheld. Some identifying, details have been changed that do not change the outcome of his story.

patientstoryTen years ago I was on top of the world. I was 51 years old, had a great job, great family, two aging but healthy parents, three great kids who were either at or heading to university. My wife and I had things all planned. My position at work afforded me the opportunity to do some business and pleasure travelling and with the kids leaving the house, she would come with me on these trips so we could enjoy some time together.  The truth is really nothing bad had ever really happened to me, just the normal stuff that happens to all of us and the normal everyday stresses. I didn’t take it for granted, I was (and am) grateful of course. My reality was just that bad stuff hadn’t ever been on my radar.

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