The Future is Golden

brightfutureAt the BCDHA 50th Anniversary Celebration on March 6th, 2014 third-year dental hygiene student Michelle Antifaeff spoke about her vision of the profession 50 years in the future. By all accounts, her presentation was excellent and provided an opportunity for the crowd to think, listen, dream, and hope.  Recently, we had a chance to talk to Michelle about this vision. Thank you Michelle for graciously sharing your thoughts with BCDHA blog readers! 

Michelle Antifaeff will soon graduate from the Vancouver Community College (VCC) Dental Hygiene Program (June 2014).  She came to the program having already spent a year in her hometown of Nelson, B.C. working as a Certified Dental Assistant (CDA). This time as a CDA helped to prepare Michelle for the VCC program and set a foundation of passion for oral health. “As a CDA I gained a strong foundation coming into the dental hygiene program at VCC.  I worked as part of an oral health team, I had been seeing clients, and I really came to appreciate the important roles that each member of the oral health team plays. When I came to VCC I was able to apply all of this background to what is a really excellent program that challenges and motivates its students to be the best dental hygienists we can be.”

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