The Connection Between Nursing and Dental Hygiene


Last June, we had the pleasure of hearing from Mara Sand, a dental hygienist with an independent, mobile practice that caters specifically to people with dental phobias and those with mental and/or physical handicaps. A few weeks ago, BCDHA had the opportunity to interview Angelina Eisele, a Public Health Nurse, who has spent the last 20 years of her career working with Mara.  Angelina brings another perspective about the work that dental hygienists like Mara do each and every day.

Thank you Angelina for sharing your wisdom!

1. Can you explain to our readers how a Public Health Nurse might work with a dental hygienist?

The ways in which a Public Health Nurse might engage with dental hygienists is quite varied and will change depending on the circumstances and the communities being served. The best way to explain this is to give a few examples of how I have had a chance to work with Mara so that readers can get a sense of the ways in which patients and clients have benefitted from the connections we have had the opportunity to make.

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