Gift from the heart and more

giftfromtheheart2015Denise Pawlyshyn, RDH owner of the independent dental hygiene clinic Clean Between Independent Dental Hygiene Clinic in Castlegar, has participated in “Gift from the Heart” four times.  Over the years through this program she has provided dental hygiene services to nearly 30 individuals, with nine visiting her clinic this past February 7, 2015. It is a program that is close to Denise’s heart and allows her to provide much needed services to members of her community. “I opened my clinic in January 2012 and a few weeks later I was participating in the Gift from the Heart program. It’s such a great program that gives me an opportunity to provide this necessary care to a population of people who may not otherwise be able to access dental hygiene services.  I’m so honoured to have been able to take part over the years.”

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Who Are We Serving?… And Why? By Sherry Saunderson RDH



The “smile”, similar to those I have seen for decades in advertising, reflects the kind of patient I saw for over 28 years. This one, young with light, blemish free skin, probably has had orthodontics (with such perfectly aligned teeth)  and possibly cosmetic bleaching as well (unless she has grown  up with fluoridation). The enamel is very white… great tissues too…

To me, this model’s smile reflects a privileged, healthy woman who has had the benefit of regular preventive dental care, a healthy diet and a supportive home environment that encouraged good dental habits. I do not feel she will ‘need’ my skills and expertise, at least not until her life status and circumstances change- a health crisis, divorce, income loss or she becomes disabled in some way as she ages. Then she will unlikely be able to access the services she enjoyed in the past – services we often take for granted and assume everyone has access to. Is this the type of patient that I became a hygienist to serve? Or am I in fact in service to my employer, to generate income for the office by seeing healthy patients that really do not need to come in twice a year, in spite of what their insurance allows?

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