Learning: a lifelong love affair!

Sherry Saunderson is a woman of varied interests. She is an adventurer, traveler, dental hygienist and oral health advocate.  Her work and passions have taken her far and wide.  BCDHA is pleased to feature Sherry’s story, in two parts.  Thank you Sherry for your wisdom, insight and for sharing your experiences with our readers.

Part 1:

The profession of dental hygiene covers a wide field of options today. For some hygienists, their profession offers a secure job, a self supporting salary and an educational investment that allows them to pay the rent and raise a family. They may not be offered an opportunity to determine how the ideal work environment could look for them.  Other hygienist’s experiences extend into a long career, working in various private practices until discovering the office that is a comfortable fit: great patients and a team centered staff that appreciate their clinical skills. Hygienists can also choose to work as educators, researchers, or in community health working with population health strategies, advocacy, government policies and upstream intervention programs within communities. The most fortunate hygienists are those who feel their work is a “calling”, something that brings deep inner satisfaction and joy, stimulation and the opportunity to experience, express, create and contribute to the greater whole, year after year.

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