“Exploring our Capacity” by Sherry Saunderson, RDH

The following blog post is written by Sherry Saunderson, RDH. Sherry challenges her dental hygiene colleagues to utilize their role as primary care providers to think outside of the box and ask difficult questions that confront the status quo.  Thank you Sherry for sharing your thoughts!   

I received a Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) membership email last January and was enthused to see that the theme of the CDHA 2015 Conference is “EXPLORE”, and that it is close to home this year taking place in Victoria, B.C.

EXPLORE is such a rich and wide theme area to cover as my profession evolves. In my eyes, the theme goes beyond the limiting ways we have been forced to practice up until recently. As I read my CDHA update, I continued to reflect even further on what this theme means to the profession.

EXPLORE could mean: travel in or through an unfamiliar area, search for, examine closely, inquire into or discuss in detail… (Dictionary.com). Or: to investigate into, especially mechanically, as with a probe (Random House College Dictionary, Revised Edition).


As dental hygienists, we can interpret EXPLORE in many ways because dental hygiene care and service can follow so many paths.


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