Thank you are the only words- By Alison Sawyer


Good oral care has always been part of my life. My Mom and Dad ensured we went to the dental office twice a year and, for the most part, nothing was really scary or bad about it.  As an adult, paying for my own care, I’ve done pretty well.  Fairly regular and no problems.  Generally my teeth have been pretty good. One cavity in my whole life and only one weirdness in that I don’t have adult teeth under two of my molars (41 and I still have two baby teeth!).   When I became a Mom for the first time 12 years ago, the kids took priority.  Hubby and I have always worked on our own so dental plans have come and gone depending on how the money was coming in.  And, the kids are the priority. Period.

A few months ago I started to have some pain in my upper jaw.  I had a bad cold and attributed it to a sinus infection. I also have a wisdom tooth that while mostly in, sometimes flares up.  When the sinus infection went away and the pain lingered I figured it was this annoying wisdom tooth that I was going to have to get rid of.

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