Series: “Voices that need to be heard, Stories that need to be told” by Sherry Saunderson, RDH


After decades of working within my hygiene calling, I have come to appreciate a quote from poet Muriel Rukeyser:

The Universe is made up of stories, not atoms.”

I so agree with this thought because it speaks to the fact that while the Universe may be constructed of atoms, what really gives life meaning is the stories we live and the stories we share with one another. And, the more we share our own stories and listen to the stories of others, the more connected we feel and the easier it is to appreciate the unique value each of us carries, making our lives richer and more fulfilling.

One of the many gifts I have received working as a hygienist is hearing stories from my patients. As we have bonded and deepened our relationship over the years, I have the privilege to bear witness to their lives and understand the context from which they view their own oral health needs and how their decisions in choice of care have been made and influenced. I have learned that if I don’t ask the right questions, I cannot receive the right answers that I need to create the most positive outcome possible for each visit.

Below is just one of these stories.

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