“To Floss or Not to Floss- Is this really the question we want to be asking?”

spinachteethIn August of 2016 a flurry of articles hit the media with respect to flossing. These articles pointed to several factors that seemingly made the case that flossing had not been proven effective.  For example:

  • The Associated Press reported that research into the long-term effectiveness of flossing had never occurred and therefore the efficacy of flossing could not be established;
  • Research into gum health as it related to regular flossing fell short because gum health was not measured ‘over a significant period of time’, ergo there was no way to measure the “real” (e.g. long-term) benefits of flossing on overall gum health, and;
  • Any evidence of the efficacy of flossing was limited, pointing to only a few scant Cochrane articles that anecdotally indicated that regular brushers and flossers had less incidence of gum bleeding than those who just brushed their teeth.

As a result of these articles, many on social and in mainstream media cheered the idea of being relieved of the perceived burden of flossing.

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