BCDHA has a variety of Public Education materials available for loan, free* of charge, to BCDHA members. In addition to the banners, table displays and teaching materials pictured below, we have limited supplies of brochures, toothbrushes, dental floss and other oral care products.

*BCDHA will cover all shipping fees on the condition that photos of your event, showing the Public Education resources borrowed, are sent to info@bcdha.bc.ca. NOTE: BCDHA assumes consent of all individuals in photos submitted to be used in our OUTLOOK newsletter, on website, and/or on our social media sites. Please ensure members of the public are pictured from behind if no permission is received.
Click here if you would like to use a photo release form.

For a printable brochure that explains the role of a dental hygienist, for handout to clients or for the waiting room click here.

For more information on volunteering in your community click here.

Please call us at 604-415-4559 or 1-888-305-3338 (toll-free within BC) to see how we can assist with your public education endeavours.


Banners are approximately 7ft. x 3 ft., free standing and delivered in a protective case.

Healthier Mouth for a Healthier Youclick to enlarge

Oral and Overall Healthclick to enlarge

Oral Cancerclick to enlarge


Early Dental Cariesclick to enlarge

A Child’s Smileclick to enlarge

What a Hygienist “Sees” everyday..click to enlarge

Tobacco Roulette – What Are Your Chances?click to enlarge

Cardiovascular Diseaseclick to enlarge


Max T. Mustang
Max is 16″ high and has large, flossable teeth. He comes with his own oversized toothbrush, display stand and a hidden water-squirter.click to enlarge

Magi Z. Dragon
Magi is 18″ high, with 2x life-sized dentition that is fully flossable with gingival crevices and contacts. Has removable tongue and comes with an oversized toothbrush.click to enlarge


Hygiene Demo Model
Fully flossable with hinged plastic Articulator. Model measures 4″D x 4.5″W x 3″H

Teeth Pathology Model
Enlarged, double-sided model of 4 human teeth in cross section. Depicts basic anatomy, common dental pathologies, and treatments.click to enlarge

ToothFairy 101
This education kit contains a series of lesson plans, magnetic boards, magnets, laminated posters and hand-outs.Click here for a list of topics and lesson plans.click to enlarge