*NEW* 2019 BCDHA Practice Survey Executive Summary
Results of August/September 2019 BCDHA online survey of dental hygienists across BC.

*NEW* 2019 CDHA Job Market & Employment Survey Executive Summary of BC
BC Results of May/June 2019 national online survey of dental hygienists by the CDHA.

2017 BCDHA Labour and Wage Survey Results
This report lists average wages as reported in our 2017 survey.

Employee or Self-Employed?
Not sure of the difference? This guide from the Canada Revenue Agency helps you determine if your work situation makes you an employee or a self-employed individual.

Request a Ruling from Canada Revenue Agency
If you are not sure if you meet CRA’s criteria as a “self-employed” individual, you can request a ruling.

Sample Employment and Self-Employed Contracts
Understanding the difference between self-employment and employee status is extremely important when setting up your relationship with a dentist/dentists and in the creation of your contract. The wording of your contract will determine whether Revenue Canada decides you are an employee or an independent contractor.

The BC Dental Hygienists’ Guide to Employment Contracts
If you are starting a new job, being asked to sign an employment contract, or are currently working without a written contract and wish to have one in place, this guide is for you.