1. COVID Patient Screening FormThis form is for use during the COVID-19 Pandemic and during the subsequent health crisis. This form should not be used after that time.
  2. The BC Dental Hygienists’ Guide to Dental Hygiene Clinic Ownership This resource has been developed exclusively for BC dental hygienists and provides a framework for the steps involved in translating your practice vision into a reality. This 90 page downloadable guide is available on the BCDHA Store at SHOP BCDHA.  – Login is required. (Non BC residents contact info@bcdha.bc.ca for an order form).
  3. BCDHA Dental Hygienists’ Guide to Independent Practice in Residential Care If you are considering approaching a facility in order to establish an oral health care program or if you have been approached by a facility to begin an oral health care program, then this guide will be of assistance to you. This downloadable guide is available on the BCDHA Store at SHOP BCDHA. Login is required. (Non BC residents contact info@bcdha.bc.ca for an order form).
  4. Your Guide to Running a Dental Hygiene Practice The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association offers a wide range of tools, courses, resources and expert advice about running your own dental hygiene practice.
  5. Resources for Opening a Small Business in BC Thinking of opening your own practice? Start here to learn how to establish your small business in BC.
  6. Publicly funded provincial and federal dental programs: BCDHA reference guide for Independent Dental Hygiene Practitioners. BCDHA has prepared this document for independent dental hygienists to use as an easy-to use summary table of information on these programs. Members are strongly encouraged to consult the Ministry’s website or appropriate fee schedule for the most current information before proceeding with any treatment.
  7. Silver Diamine Fluoride Resources

BCDHA Fee Guides

This guide has been developed by the British Columbia Dental Hygienists’ Association for use by dental hygienists who are not working in the traditional dental practice setting. This guide is available to dental hygienists that operate their own dental hygiene practices. NOTE: The fee guide comes into effect February 1st. Dental hygienists who work in the traditional dentist office setting will continue to bill using the dentist’s number and fees. Click here to view the CDHA National List of Service Codes

If you require a copy of past fee guides, contact info@bcdha.com.

NOTE: Pacific Blue Cross will now cover fee code 00971 for dental hygienists.

Please note the following:

– PBC will pay fee code 00971 at the rate of 00125, which is limited to two units per patient per calendar year.
– 00971 will be eligible for a temporary period for dates of service between April 6, 2020 and the removal of emergency care restrictions coinciding with recommendations of the provincial health officer.
– Code 00971 is not covered for the First Nations Health Authority (Policy: 40000).