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by | Aug 23, 2021 | Featured

BCDHA LTC Policy Table Member Callout

The COVID-19 Pandemic took the world by storm and changed our world overnight.  One of the hardest-hit populations by COVID-19 have been older adults living in long-term care (LTC) & assisted living (AL) facilities. The tragedy that unfolded has led to significant media attention for long-term care. Issues receiving media attention include low staffing levels, inadequate compensation for health care workers, and problems with monitoring the quality of care, to name but a few. However, these issues are ongoing and not occurring only because of COVID-19.

BCDHA is forming a committee of interested dental hygienists who have experience working with residents in LTC or AL facilities and want to be a voice at the table as governments and agencies look to make changes and improvements in the care elders receive. We seek practitioners who represent various practice types, experience levels, and geographic locations to participate in this committee.


Seeking Applicants with the following qualifications:
  • Demonstrated significant experience working in long-term care facilities, unique practice environment caring for seniors; previous administrative or advocacy work related to seniors’ care; exceptional training related to geriatric dental care.
  • Must be an RDH or IDHP in BC
  • Seeking representation from each of the following geographical areas: Greater Vancouver/lower mainland, Lower Island/Victoria; Central Upper Vancouver Island; Northern BC, Interior, Kootenays.
  • Must have the time, desire, and personal commitment to fill this position.

Your Commitment: We hope to meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm for approximately 1-2 hrs via teams. (the first meeting will be arranged by doodle poll after the committee members have been determined). We anticipate the committee will continue to meet for the 2021/2022 calendar year. Committee members are volunteers and will not receive financial compensation.

What will BCDHA do to assist?  Shannon Wilson, Dental Hygiene Practice Advisor, will help with meeting preparation and administrative tasks.



Please complete the committee member application here.