COVID-19 Vaccinations for Hygienists

by | Mar 10, 2021 | Featured

Health Authorities are now opening up appointments to receive the vaccine for oral health professionals.  The specific information on who qualifies and how to book is slightly different for each health authority.  It is most important to note that once a health authority has named dental hygiene as a priority grouping, that will not go away.  In other words, even if you don’t register for an appointment right away, you are now able to book at any time during the rest of the pandemic, no matter what the current age grouping.  You just need to be clear that you are a health care worker/professional.

BCDHA will disseminate information for your health authority as soon as we receive it, so be sure to check your email often.  Specific information for each health authority is included below.  You are expected to seek the vaccine in the health authority you work in, but there is recognition that this can be complicated in the Lower Mainland where you may live and work in more than one health authority simultaneously.  Some crossover is not unexpected.

Read the Vaccination FAQs here

We are thrilled that oral health was moved back up the priority list. Be patient as the process rolls out and let us know if you have any questions.

Please note: Some of the health authority forms will not work with Internet Explorer. If you receive an error or the form does not appear to be working, please try using Google Chrome.


  • Go to to book your appointment.
  • Accepting ALL dental office staff (including reception etc) as well as students.
  • Please be sure to click ‘Health Care Worker’ when you fill in your appointment application.
  • You will need ID (the usual government ID), your health care number and when you attend your appointment, the name of the place you work.
  • Please arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to your appointment


  • Please check your BCDHA email (April 2, 2021) for updated instructions on how to access appointment booking in the interior.
  • Accepting all dental office staff who work directly with (e.g., touch) patients or clients.
  • You will need ID (the usual government ID), and your health care number when you attend your appointment.
  • If you did not receive an email or need the link resent, please email (remember to tell us which health authority you are in)
  • If there are no available appointments don’t panic, typically the site is refreshed with new opportunities every few days.


  • Please see the email from BCDHA (March 19) with new instructions for anyone who has not already had the vaccine or has one booked.
  • The process for booking in VIHA has changed.  Rather than selecting your appointment, you now register as a health care provider, and someone will call you to set up an appointment.
  • VIHA is accepting ALL dental office staff (including reception etc) as well as students.
  • Students, you are eligible to be vaccinated if you are working in a clinical setting.  HOWEVER, VIHA is working with your post-secondary institutions to get a full student list.  You should check with your program contact at your post-secondary institution for information about when you can book appointments and how.

If you did not receive an email or need the link resent, please email  (remember to tell us which health authority you are in).


  • Please check your email from BCDHA on March 19 for instructions on how to book your appointment.
  • All dental office personnel welcome.
  • Note that all hygienists in Prince George will need to wait until after March 23 to call for an appointment.  Please do not call before then.
  • Clinics in the North will not run simultaneously so you may need to exercise patience as the vaccination program rolls out through the region.
  • If you do not have an email from BCDHA, please contact us at to obtain the information (make sure you note which health authority you are in).


  • Please check emails from BCDHA to find links to the location nearest you.
  • All dental office personnel welcome.
  • Students welcome (bring your student ID with you).
  • The VCH booking system only lists appointments for the next few days. New open appointments will be added, so refresh the website every few days if none are available right now.
  • Please don’t book in the Community Living Category as VCH is trying to track the progress of that population. Wait until more appointments are released for Allied/Community/Medical health workers.
  • It is advisable not to call the phone lines – stick with the website if at all possible.
  • Please review the email from BCDHA on March 17 if you live/work in Sea-to-Sky or Sunshine Coasts as new clinics have been added.


If you need help or further information, email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  If you are emailing, please tell us which health authority you work in (as information and login information is specific to each health authority).