BC Dental Therapists

About the BC Dental Therapists

Dental Therapists play a unique and essential role on the oral health team.  There are approximately 300 of these primary health care professionals throughout Canada, and they play a vital role in managing dental pain and maintaining the overall health of their patients, many of whom reside in rural and northern communities. Dental Therapists provide therapeutic dental treatment services, disease prevention, and oral health promotion programs that focus on maintaining and improving health.

The Dental Therapy scope of practice includes:


  • Management of dental emergencies to alleviate pain
  • Assessment, prescription, exposure, and interpretation of x-rays that support diagnosis, treatment planning, and case presentation for individualized care.
  • Diagnosis of tooth decay and infections
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Extraction of primary teeth and uncomplicated extractions of permanent teeth
  • Placement and removal of sutures
  • Treatment for patients with mild to moderate periodontal disease
  • Preventative services, including teeth cleaning, polishing, fluoride applications, pit and fissure sealants and individualized client-centered education and product recommendations
  • Endodontics limited to (a) Pulpotomy – limited to primary teeth only (b) Pulpotomy for emergency treatment only – permanent teeth (c) Pulp capping

FAQs about Dental Therapists

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Meet Brenda Isaac of the BC Dental Therapists

Brenda Isaac

Brenda Isaac

BC Dental Therapist

Hello, thank you for inviting the BC Dental Therapists to be a part of the BCDHA.  We look forward to seeing what kind of good work we can accomplish together.

My name is Brenda Isaac, and I am First Nations, originally from Lytton. I graduated in the third class of dental therapy in 1978 from the original National School of Dental Therapy in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories. Our founding father was Dr Keith Davey, Pediatric DDS. 

I have had the pleasure of working in many different environments: first in the isolated/remote areas of Nunavut and Northwest Territories, and then in rural areas of Northern BC. For the past 18 years, I’ve provided services to suburban areas of the Fraser Valley and rural areas of the Interior in the Fraser Canyon. Through the duration of my career I have had the privilege of learning about the many diverse cultures in all these regions. 

My clinical experiences have contributed to my diverse background as a provider. In the beginning of my career, I would travel my snowmobile to attend my communities. Frequently my clinics would be entirely portable, requiring me to move extremely heavy and awkward equipment and supplies alone. Looking back, I am proud of the strength and adaptability I have brought to the many Nations I have served. BC Dental Therapists are a determined group and work hard to do what needs to be done to deliver culturally safe and humble care in unconventional settings.   

It is with pleasure that Dental Therapist link arms with the BCDHA.