Dianne Gallagher Inspiration Award

by | Jun 30, 2021 | Latest

Bev Jackson – Recipient of the 2021 Dianne Gallagher Award

I am honoured to be selected as the recipient of this special award. This means more to me than I can ever describe, as Dianne Gallagher was my mentor, colleague, and dear friend for many years. When I started teaching in 1991, Dianne was Chair of the Dental Hygiene Program at Camosun College. As she did with many students, she took me under her wing and supported me in my teaching practice. Over time Dianne shared values and knowledge of the profession and the importance of being connected in whatever way possible. She inspired me to be more involved in the profession and go beyond my comfort zone ‘when I felt ready’.

 My most challenging yet most rewarding role in Dental Hygiene has been teaching. I enjoyed participating in the transformation of students from entry into the program until their graduation. There have been so many changes in education; equipment, technology, and teaching practice over the years; all requiring additional skills and knowledge. The dental profession has been stimulating, and I have truly enjoyed the ongoing challenges. I feel that my enthusiasm for dental hygiene has spilled over into my teaching. Thanks to Dianne and many others I have known and worked with, including students, I have been motivated to learn more, be all that I could be, and share my knowledge.

Bev Jackson Biography

Bev received her Dental Hygiene Diploma from the University of Alberta, a Bachelor of Science Degree (Dental Hygiene) at the University of Toronto and a Master of Education (Leadership Studies) at the University of Victoria. Bev was a Certified Dental Assistant in Edmonton, Alberta, before dental hygiene.

After completion of the Dental Hygiene program, Bev moved to Duncan and then to Victoria. Over 37 years, Bev’s dental hygiene experience/opportunities include general and periodontal practice, working in remote communities such as Whitehorse, teaching for the Certified Dental Assisting Program (Camosun) during public client clinics. Bev was an educator at Camosun College for approximately 30 years and retired from full-time work in 2019. Bev has volunteered with Share A Smile Society providing oral care to people on the West Coast of Vancouver Island and, more recently, for children and youth in a not-for-profit clinic in Sidney, BC.

Currently, she is working part-time at Camosun College as a clinical instructor and hopes to do more volunteer work when possible.

Bev is a dog lover and has a deep appreciation for physical activity, which is evident as she has completed triathlons, biathlons, and half marathons. These days Bev is happy to get outdoors to walk or bicycle.