Webinar: EFF-UPS Dental Hygienists Make When Using Ultrasonics

In this clinically relevant, one-hour webinar, Dani will provide you with 3 ultrasonic debridement scenarios whereby clinicians commonly make errors that negatively impact the removal of calculus and biofilm and create discomfort for patients.  In addition, Dani will provide the practical solutions which can immediately be implemented into your dental hygiene appointments. Discuss why you […]

Join staff and colleagues to discuss current issues and priorities for oral health in B.C.

Webinar: Parkinson’s — Speech, Swallowing, and Saliva Management

Join Jasmine Cload, a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) who specializes in Parkinson's disease and related neurological movement disorders. Objectives: Attendees will gain an understanding of Parkinson’s Disease from both a clinical and patient perspective. Attendees will learn the latest literature on oral care in Parkinson’s Disease and why it is key to patient outcomes. Attendees will become […]

Virtual Study Club 2023/24 — Session 1

Healthy Habits for a Happy Hygiene Smile: Therapeutic Yoga and Ergonomics for Dental Professionals with Caitlyn Parsons. Not a 2023/24 Virtual Study Club member? Click here to sign up.