Helpful Study Resources for the BCCOHP Quality Assurance Program Exam

Here is a list of links that we have compiled that are mentioned in the BCCOHP QAP info guide to study.

This is the same guide that the CDHBC provided, but they have updated the content and links to the new oral health college website.

We suggest reading the QAP Info Guide provided by the BCCOHP thoroughly, it has a lot of great information, including links to exam preparation tests.

1. Recommended Textbooks

2. BCCOHP Resources listed in the QAP guide by category (page 17 of the guide outlines the resources.)

CDHBC Practice Resources (still listed in guide as CDHBC)

a. Regulations and Bylaws Dental Hygienist Regulation and Bylaws
b. Practice Standards and Policies Dental Hygienist Practice Standards and Policies (scroll to the bottom of the page to find these)
c. Code of Ethics Code of Ethics
d. Interpretation Guidelines
e. Dental Hygienist Scope of Practice Statement
f. Patient Relations Program 

Papers and Other Resources

Test Prep