The BCDHA is governed by a Board of Directors whose eight members are selected through a regional election process administered by BCDHA. Through consultation with members, the Board determines the goals and direction for the Association. The BCDHA is a non-profit society and a constituent member of the Canadian Dental Hygienists’ Association (CDHA).

If you would like more information on what it means to be a BCDHA Director and the role of the Board contact our office at

Upcoming Board Meeting Dates:

May 26, 27, 28, 2022

Annual Report:

Click here to view BCDHA’s Annual Report for 2020-2021. (Open in 2-page view – click on three dots at top right, next to printer icon)

Interested in observing a Board of Directors meeting?

BCDHA welcomes members to attend Board meetings to observe the proceedings. Requests for observer status will be assessed on an individual basis by the Board and will be dependent on such things as agenda items to be discussed, meeting location, etc.

Requests to attend Board meetings must be received by the Chair no less than two weeks prior to the meeting. Please send your request to

2021 – 2022 BCDHA Board of Directors

Susan Schmitz, DHP


Greater Vancouver
(Term 2019-2022)

Margit Strobl, DHP


Victoria Region
(Term 2020-2023)

Tammy Gulevich, DHP

Northern BC
(Term 2019-2022)


(Term 2020-2023)

Jan Kuzan, RDH

Kootenay Region
(Term 2020-2023)

Tamara Maniec, DHP

Upper Island Region
(Term 2019-2022)

Nancy MacMillan, RDH

Fraser Valley
(Term 2021-2024)

Leta Zaleski, DHP

Director at Large
(Term 2021-2024)

Shelley Killion, RDH

Director at Large
(Term 2021-2024)

Andrea Burton

Executive Director

604 415-4559 ext.101


Wendy Jobs, DHP(c)

Manager of Dental Hygiene Practice

604 415-4559 ext.103

Mystica Lopez De Leon, DHP(C)

Policy Analyst

604 415-4559 ext.104

Shannon Wilson, DHP(C)

Practice Advisor

604 415-4559 ext.106

Kyla Oshanek, DHP(C)

Project Manager

604 415-4559 ext.110

Afifa Eidher, RDH(C)

Operations & Special Projects Lead

604-415-4559 ext. 107

Wes Weir

Logistics and Office Coordinator

604-415-4559 ext. 100

Sean Cranbury

Director of Communications

604-415-4559 ext. 108