Bill 36 – Health Professions and Occupations Act (HPOA)


Bill 36, was approved by the legislature on November 24 and immediately received Royal Assent.  The new Health Professions and Occupations Act replaces the Health Professions Act in B.C. and represents significant changes to how all health professions are regulated. While there was consultation on updating the Health Professions Act (which BCDHA participated in a number of times), the Legislation that was put forward is vastly different than what was anticipated coming out of those consultations. We encourage all dental hygienists to join the conversation over the coming weeks and months to learn with us as we seek greater understanding of how this will impact health care and your future as a health professional.

There is still a lot that needs to be interpreted in this legislation, and we, along with partner associations and legal teams, are still trying to understand all of the implications.  As we receive information and updates, we will post those here. Or you can drop by a Fireside Chat where new information about HPOA will become a regular point of discussion.

This will now await a Cabinet order to determine when it comes into force.  We have heard many different opinions on when that will happen and will keep you posted.

We are continuing to review some of the main concerns raised which include the rules around complaints, investigations and discipline; board appointments and composition; licensee duties; implications of support programs; a very limited appeal process; downstream costs to licensees, and more.

BCDHA notes that there are many different opinions, postings and campaign ideas currently make their way around social media. We urge caution and remind all hygienists to be thoughtful about the source and tone of what you are reading. Feel welcome to check with us or ask us a question to refer to our legal team if you are unsure. We will post only information that is factual and has been verified by trusted sources.

This is now a new law in BC.  We will have an opportunity to advocate and influence around the interpretation as the College begins to build Bylaws, Regulations and Standards. We are looking forward to your engagement in the process in the weeks and months to come.  Stay tuned, we will update with more information as soon as we can.

Hansard Blues – Committee Sessions


The Bill has been in Committee for several weeks.  During this period, the opposition is provided opportunity to go through line by line and ask questions of Minister Dix.  If you are interested in reading the transcripts of these discussions or watching the video, the links are posted below.  We will include the final sessions when they are updated via Hansard Blues.

November 21 Afternoon —        HTML               Committee A Video

November 3 Afternoon —         HTML               Committee A Video

November 3 Morning —            HTML               Committee A Video

November 2 Afternoon —         HTML               Committee A Video

November 1 Afternoon —         HTML               Committee A Video

November 1 Morning —            HTML               Committee A Video

October 31 Afternoon —           HTML               Committee A Video